Personal Branding


Create a brand for myself that would be professional on all platforms plus still reflect my personality and design style.


  • Branding
  • Illustration


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Paper Prototyping


Before I even touched a computer I sketched all my ideas on paper, creating as many different and unique designs as possible. This stage was split into many sections, constantly refining and narrowing down the ideas generated until I was left with only the strongest concepts.

Monogram Ideas

Throughout this whole process from before I lifted a pencil, to submitting my final designs, extentive research was conducted with all aspects of my brand being considered. All elements of my design were then put through a questioning process with questions such as, "What is its purpose?" and "Will it improve a certain area of my design?" were asked.

Visual Marque Ideas

Using the circle for the monogram creates a perfect flow from the C to the A.


The wordmark, created using a sleek yet easy to read typeface combined with a medium vs bold style created a modern, professional feel.


Inspired by my enthusiasm for pirates combined with the design aspect of code and illustration, the compass was the perfect visual marque for my brand.

Visual Marque

With creating my brand, I had to make the use of it transferrable for other users. The brand guidelines are an accurate way to ensure when using my brand, the user follows a guide on how and when to use it.

As well as having characters, city scape illustrations were designed to identify different locations that might be visited.

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Brand Guidelines


Monogram and Wordmark Visual Marque and Wordmark Monogram and Wordmark Monogram and Wordmark

The aim was to create a brand identity that would reflect both who I am as a designer as well as a person. The monogram shows the sleek professionalism of my design style. The visual marque of the compass reflects my personality with combination of the design elements. Together both the monogram and visual marque are tied with a professional combination of typeface weights within my wordmark.

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